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Professor Katerina Yiannibas

This is the main web of Professor Katerina Yiannibas' Course Wiki. The topics in this web include the content for the courses indicated in the lateral sidebar under 'Webs'. You should use the content indicated under the course Web to guide your preparation for class and manage assignments. My classroom is a laboratory for collective learning and debate. In the spirit of collaborative learning, my students are invited to share their ideas and interact with the web material.

Esta es la principal web de la profesora Katerina Yiannibas. Los temas de esta web incluyen el contenido de las asignaturas que se indican en la barra lateral bajo el título 'Webs'. Utiliza el contenido indicado en la Web del curso para guiar tu preparación para la clase y gestionar las tareas. Mi aula es un laboratorio para el aprendizaje colectivo y el debate. Bajo un espíritu colaborativo, se invita a los estudiantes a compartir sus ideas e interactuar con el material de la Web.


Twitter @kyiannibas

On teaching and learning...

"Asking questions is relatively easy. Asking good questions is surprisingly difficult. A bad question searches for an answer that confirms what we already know. A good question helps to reset our intellectual horizons. It has an answer that we can reach, yet unsettles what we already know." - Kenan Malik

"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything."- Xenophon

"There are no eternal facts, as there are no absolute truths."– Friedrich Nietzsche

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